Once you sign up with LoyalRate, you will be assigned an unique QR code. This will be the only QR code that you have, and it can be used for all orders that you purchase. So when you redeem in-store, all you need to do is present this QR code to the shop employee, and only the deals that you purchased from that shop will be visible on their application. This way, you don't have to manage too many different QR codes, and your order history is still safe with us 😉

You can always find your unique QR code by taking the following steps:
to your LoyalRate account.
Click or tap your profile icon.
Click on “My QR code” from the drop-down menu and it will take you to your customer QR code. On this page, you can also find your customer ID, of which you can inform the shop if you need to call in for booking before making a redemption, and your customer URL.

That's simple right? 😊 And you can always come back and follow the same procedure if you wish to retrieve your QR code without having to worry about tracking any e-mails.

If for some reason, the QR code does not appear on your customer QR code page, please let us know through chat and we'll fix that for you!

If you need further help on this subject, feel free to chat with us. We're always happy to offer assistance!
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