After your purchase, we’ll send you a receipt. You’ll then be sent an email containing your LoyalRate deal which includes your unique LoyalRate QR code and instructions on how to redeem this code. In most cases, you’ll be sent the code straight away, but for some offers, you’ll be sent the LoyalRate code when the deal closes.

The LoyalRate order confirmation email will contain full instructions on what to do next including how you redeem the voucher and the contact details for the merchant providing the deal. For instance, if the deal is for a restaurant offer, we’ll include contact details for the restaurant to enable you to book your table. If the deal is for a product that requires delivery, we’ll send you a link to our redemption page or the merchant’s website where you can enter your LoyalRate code and delivery details so the product can be delivered to you.

If you’re looking for more help on this subject, please contact us using the chat option below.

If you find that you have deleted your LoyalRate order confirmation from your emails in error, please simply log in to access your redemption details in your account.
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