After you've made a purchase, you will receive through email either an Order Confirmation or a Pending Order Notification.

A pending order happens when we discover some uncertainty with either the shop or their listings. In this case, we need to check with the shop again to make sure everything is in order.
If an order is confirmed, the confirmation email will contain your LoyalRate deal and instructions on how to redeem this deal.
In case your order is still pending, please allow us 24 hours to get back to you. You will then receive either a Confirmed or Cancelled Order email notification. Once the shop has confirmed your order, we will then send you an order confirmation email which contains all the information that you need.

Will I be charged for a pending order?

Don’t worry, we will not take any money from your card during this pending period! There will only be a temporary authorisation charge on your card. The actual payment will be made when the shop confirms 100% their availability for the listing.

What happens if the pending order got cancelled?

If you receive a Cancelled email notification, a team member will get in touch with you shortly after to explain to you what happened. You will not be charged for the cancelled order!

Tips: If you find that you have deleted your LoyalRate order confirmation from your email in error, please simply log in to access your redemption details in your account.

If you need further help on this subject, feel free to chat with us. We're always happy to offer assistance!
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