Absolutely. All transactions made on our website are totally secure because all the details that you send to us are encrypted and sent across a secure connection (we don’t allow transactions to take place that aren’t secure!).

The encryption technique we use is certified by Let’s Encrypt Authority X3, one of the largest and most well respected certification authorities. Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 certificates are trusted by all popular browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. We have an Extended Certificate which means that the certificate also confirms who the site is run by as well as the security.

Depending on which browser you are using, you may see different security features such as a padlock symbol or the address bar turning green. However, regardless of whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser, you can be confident that our site is safe and secure.

We don’t store any credit/debit card data at LoyalRate – it is all kept with our secure payment provider for your peace of mind. All payment information is encrypted and is handled by two major payment processors Stripe.

If you need further help on this topic, feel free to chat with us. We're always happy to offer assistance!
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