We are sorry you are having a problem with paying for the orders. Here are some common payment errors:

Insufficient Funds. This means that your credit card has reached its limit, or for prepaid cards, there are not enough funds on the card balance to process the transaction.
Call Issuer. Pick Up Card. This usually happens when a replacement card should be used instead of the current card.
Issuer or Cardholder restriction. This error usually occurs because the bank (or the customer) has set rules on what payments are allowed. Sometimes international payments are blocked, which returns this error. Note: LoyalRate is a UK-registered company, which is what may cause international payments to be blocked if you are outside the UK.
Incorrect Postal Code. This can happen even if you’ve previously successfully made payments to LoyalRate with that card & postcode. If you're certain that the postcode has been entered correctly, please ask your bank’s support why they returned the postcode-error response, despite the postcode being entered correctly.

If you need further help on this topic, please get in touch with us by using the chat option below, so we can also look into this issue together with you.
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