Definitely! We've all been there. You can reset your password with LoyalRate on the login screen. Here you will see a Forgot your password? option to click. Now enter the email address associated with your LoyalRate account.

A password reset email will now be sent to that email address. Follow the prompts in that e-mail to set a new password.

Click Forgot your password? when trying to log in to your LoyalRate account and enter your email address.
You'll be sent an email with instructions on resetting your password. Your new password must be different from your previous password and must be 8 characters or longer and contain at least one capital letter, a number, and a special character.

Can't find your password reset email?
Don't worry! Make sure you are checking the email address associated with your LoyalRate account and check your inbox's spam or junk folders.
If you're still running into trouble, we are always available. Feel free to drop us a message!

Once you have successfully reset your password
Enter a new password and you'll be taken to your Account Settings page to login in. Voila!

Please let us know should you have any questions!
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