Each listing has a specific expiration date and only shop owners can manage this. Furthermore, a listing's expiration date is different from its active period. If a listing is popular, we're sure that the shop owner will be more than happy to make it active for a long time, so that customers can repurchase the deal for as many times as they'd like. However, a listing's expiration date is most often a fixed period of time from the day that you made the purchase (unless it is specified on the listing page that the listing does not expire, in which case you can redeem whenever you want).

If due to the pandemic or for some other reason, you want to extend the expiration date of the listing, please directly contact your local shop using the information on the shop profile. They should be able to respond to your question and advise you on the best timing to redeem your deal.

If the reason why you want to extend the expiration date is due to the shop being unreachable or having closed down, you can request a refund from us before the listing expires. Please check this article on What if my local shop is unreachable or has closed down? for more details.

If you are unable to contact the shop, please let us know using the chat option below, and we will do our best to help!
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